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Olfactory Pleasures
Have a mini series with my friend JRR about favorite senses on my tumblr.

Reposting here... add your own!

Following JRR… (which I concur with EVERY ONE of them minus the lemongrass body wash), I love the smell of….

—> freshly cooked jasmine rice

—> your lover’s hair

—> hot steamy french bread

—> the fragrant loveliness of Pho especially with lots of lime and basil

—> newly bought magazines

—> lillies, orchids, and roses

—> fresh crisp air after it just rained

—> mangos

—>  just washed bedsheets

—> pillow your lovely other just slept on

—> jackets that have a hint of your perfume (almost like smelling yourself)

—> mr. sketch markers, particularly cherry and orange

Smells can take you back… to memories that you didn’t even think existed…


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