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[ to reiterate anais nin... I do not see things as they are but as I am... ]
thinking, contemplative
How appropriate that this came on.

So I've decided that I am going crazy. And that I am crazy.

(crazydelicious!) Ahaha. Ok I'll stop with the references.

More like crazyridiculous.

I am awake at 8:16AM after dropping my sister off to take her SAT IIs. Bummer. I remember all that standardized testing bullshit just to get into college. I'm glad we don't have to go through that now.... well outside the GREs, MCATs, and LSATs if you want to go on to higher higher education. Womp.

Feeling better. revived. sleepy. ready. full. warm. comfy. in. my. bed. in 40 degree weather. outside. why. SJ. so. damn. cold?

P.S. The wonders of common, badu, and marley. why can't more hip hop/music out there bring solace like these 3 can?

P.S.S. Can't wait for HK REUNION PART II. OMG. It's going to be RIDICULOUS(ly) (FUN)!

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We do not see things as they are, but as we are.
I love you.

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