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NEW LAYOUT. YESS. So much more fresh and Safari friendly! YESS. Turns out Apple released Safari 3, a much more stable and featured browser than Firefox (which crashes like once a day).

If any of you haven't picked up Alicia Key's new album... DO ITTTT. It's a fucking great album. There has been so many bomb albums this year. Jill Scott's album is ridiculously good. Michael Buble's is a classic. Keyshia Cole's is PHENOMENAL. And Alicia Keys is just.... emotionally poetic. My favorite on this album is "Like You'll Never See Me Again" and her "As I Am Intro" is fucking dope. Once she drops the beat on her piano solo.... aural orgasm. This album will definitely be in my car and at work for awhile.

In other GREAT news.... after looking over my room today and realizing I have a free Sunday for once in a blue moon, I decided to FINALLY do something about my room. Right now, it doesn't look like anything but I made such headway! Much thanks to Rebecca for her words of expertise (constantly selling me the Container Store) and motivation I am about 45% with cleaning and unpacking my room. I know. I am duly aware that it's been over 3 months since I moved back. That I'm still unpacked. BOOOO. Maybe right now I'm finally feeling comfortable being back in San Jose. I was looking at Craig's List this morning looking at different apartment postings in downtown SJ because I just could not deal with my room anymore... when I realize fuckk, why am I being crazy? I just need to grow a backbone and clean this one out before I decide to leave my free food/no rent haven of my parent's house. And it's good being with family on a DAILY basis after being gone for so long. I'll give it till June... when I pay off my credit card debt! HA! I'm so excited for that moment. But I also understand I'm fucking lucky to have parents so loving and SPOIL ME. Omg. The spoilage is ridiculous. It needs to stop so I can remember how I can COOK again.

I was reading over some of my old entries in my journal (my physical one) that I been carrying since 2005 - and damn... it's just funny reading a hodgepodge of entries and pieces that I would randomly write during intense emotional moments in my life. It's like skip 6 months an entry, then another one would be a month later, and another would be a year later. My LJ is even more consistent than that.

BLAAH. Random post. I need to clean my room. And be done with it before Rebecca comes. I'm sick of having people see the SIXTEEN BOXES in my room because I haven't gotten the fucking motivation and will to unpack yet. I'm going to do it RIGHT NOW.


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Haha yeah I cleaned my room too when I found out I had nothing better to do. The cleanliness lasted a week.

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